post_croi2014_lgBoston, MA, March 3-6, 2014

Exciting results from many studies in HIV and hepatitis C were presented at this year’s Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. For complete coverage by Project Inform from the 2014 CROI, read the upcoming PI Perspective (available soon), or click on the various articles below.


Having an HIV-positive partner with an undetectable viral load protects gay men too by at least 96%

Monthly or quarterly injectable PrEP continues to wow researchers


Isentress edges out Prezista and Reyataz in comparison study of people new to HIV treatment

Results from maintenance regimen of two HIV drugs lay the groundwork for monthly shots

Novel attachment inhibitor may eventually expand the HIV treatment toolbox

New HIV drug doravirine as potent as efavirenz, but with fewer side effects

Combo pill of atazanavir and cobicistat is equal to taking both drugs separately

Two-drug regimen works well for people new to HIV treatment, with a couple caveats


Common statin inhibitor improves hip bone health but worsens insulin resistance

New outcome from a current drug: tesamorelin lowers liver fat in people with HIV and excess gut fat

Adding vitamin D and calcium to a new HIV regimen curbs bone loss in the hip


New hep C regimen just six weeks in length cures nearly everyone in hard to treat population

Treating hepatitis C in HIV/HCV co-infected people: A new option on the horizon

New all-oral regimen is possible for people co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C

Simeprevir looking to be new treatment option for HIV/HCV co-infected patients