Project Inform signs letter to Pres Trump urging commitment to eliminating hepatitis in the US

As the U.S. is falling behind in hepatitis elimination efforts, Project Inform added their name this week to a community sign-on letter to President Trump demanding federal investment in the HHS’s National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan. The letter — signed by more than 60 organizations —…Read More

Project Inform receives $10,000 from the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in partnership with Macy’s to support its PrEP education

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Project Inform was awarded a grant In December 2017 for $10,000 from The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) in partnership with Macy’s. The grant will be used for community education around PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis. Although PrEP has been proven to be highly…Read More

Project Inform partners with Urban Indian Health Institute to create new Native resource on PrEP

Project Inform is proud to announce a newly launched PrEP resource for Native Americans. In December 2017, the Urban Indian Health Institute (UIHI) in Seattle launched a new pamphlet to educate individuals in Native communities on the availability and effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis. UIHI stated, “American…Read More

FDA accepts two new drug applications for new NNRTI doravirine

The Food and Drug Administration has accepted two new drug applications (NDAs) for the HIV medication called doravirine. Doravirine is a new NNRTI or non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor that completed two 48-week studies in 2017. If both NDAs are approved, doravirine could be available this year…Read More

Gilead announces higher copay card amount for Truvada, effective January 1, 2018

During a conference call on December 19 with community members, Gilead (the maker of Truvada) announced that beginning January 1, 2018 the co-pay assistance amount for Truvada for PrEP and treatment will increase to $4,800 from the previous limit of $3,600. A formal announcement will likely be made by…Read More

2017 IN REVIEW: Accomplishments and Unprecedented Challenges

During the eight years of President Obama’s leadership, great progress on HIV and hepatitis C occurred as a result of motivated, compassionate and competent leadership. Obama established a National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) that focused governments, medical providers and community based organizations on a key set of…Read More

Congratulations to New Program Directors, David Evans and Emalie Huriaux

Project Inform has a small and mighty group of staff — seven in total — who develop and implement our programs in three areas: research advocacy, education and public policy. Anne Donnelly has served as our Director of Health Care Policy for 10 years, leading our…Read More