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To End AIDS in the United States, Stay True to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

By Judith Auerbach, Robert Bank, Chris Collins, JD Davids, Rebecca Haag, David Ernesto Munar, Dana van Gorder, Phill Wilson and A. Toni Young Ten years ago, hundreds of organizations and individuals signed a petition calling on all presidential candidates to create a national AIDS strategy. We…Read More

Project Inform Statement on the Disastrous and Deadly American Health Care Act

Project Inform denounces the House of Representatives for voting for the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a bill that would set back efforts to end the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics in favor of a hefty tax break for the wealthy. If the bill is signed…Read More

Fair Pricing Coalition Troubled by Unjustified 2017 Drug Price Increases by HIV Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Community requests for price freezes to strengthen affordable access to lifesaving treatments go unheeded NEW YORK, NY, February 27, 2017 – The Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC) today expressed its dismay and frustration at manufacturers of some of the most frequently prescribed antiretrovirals for treatment of HIV, citing…Read More

Project Inform leads effort to improve HIV care retention and re-linkage

Project Inform has long hosted Think Tanks that bring together the community with other key stakeholders, including researchers, government officials and health care providers to tackle specific issues that others haven’t fully explored. On December 13 and 14, 2016, we hosted a meeting designed to address…Read More

Project Inform staff Emalie Huriaux’s whirlwind of advocacy

In FY 15-16 CalHEP and Project Inform successfully advocated for state funding for the California Department of Public Health to establish a syringe supply clearinghouse to support HIV and viral hepatitis prevention services around the state. Here is CalHEP Chair, Emalie Huriaux, with some of the supplies from…Read More

Generic HIV drugs will be a good thing right?

In 2017, the patents for two antiretroviral drugs for HIV that continue to be widely used will  likely expire in the United States and generic alternatives at lower market prices could be introduced. Some have long awaited this occurrence, hoping for increased competition and a drive…Read More

Creating Spaces for Safer for People Who Use Drugs: A Harm Reduction Imperative

  Creating Spaces for Safer for People Who Use Drugs: A Harm Reduction Imperative- Andrew Reynolds On September 27 and 28, 2016, Project Inform hosted a think tank entitled “Safe Consumption Spaces in the United States: Uniting for a National Movement.” This national gathering of experts—people…Read More