In Project Inform’s latest In Focus we reflect some of the breadth and strength of the work being done by Project Inform’s staff.  But because the battles against HIV and hepatitis C are now winnable IF everyone living with both diseases knows their status and enters care and treatment as soon as willing and able, this issue is dedicated to a discussion of the primacy of assuring that national health care reform is fully implemented, and our pivotal role in that work. If you believe, as we do, in the strength of Project Inform’s work, consider making a donation online today.

In this In Focus:

The Singular Importance of the Affordable Care Act
Dana Van Gorder, Executive Director

Successful Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is Essential to Ending HIV/AID
Anne Donnelly, Director of Health Care Policy

Affordable Care Act: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Fight Hepatitis C
Ryan Clary, Director of Public Policy

Major Progress is Made on an Important New HIV Prevention Option
David Evans, Director of Research Advocacy

Project Inform Partners to Help Launch 877-HELP-4-HEP
Alan McCord, Director of Education

Two things everyone could do to end HIV and hepatitis C
Dana Van Gorder, Executive Director

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