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Ending hepatitis C in the United States: The role of screening


A new article on the role of screening hepatitis C has been published in Hepatitic Medicine: Evidence and Research, co-authored by Andrew Reynolds, Project Inform’s Hepatitis C Education Manager. Read the full article here.

FREE WEBINAR: Scaling Up Risk Based Hepatitis C Screening in the US


Project Inform will host the upcoming webinar: Scaling Up Risk Based Hepatitis C Screening in the US, presented by Andrew Reynolds, Hepatitis C Education Manager for Project Inform. Wednesday July 23, 2014 1:00–2:00pm EST Sign up for the webinar WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: With over 5 million people chronically…Read More

The Hepatitis C Treatment Cascade: Less than 10% of people with HCV have been cured


The development of the HIV treatment cascade has been a valuable tool to help clinicians, public health officials and advocates visualize the state of HIV testing, linkage to care and treatment. In recent months, we have now seen the development of a hepatitis C treatment cascade….Read More

Project Inform teams up with “Positively Aware” for Hepatitis C Drug Guide


Project Inform is very pleased to announce the 2014 Hepatitis C Drug Guide, published by Positively Aware, a bi-monthly publication from Test Positive Aware Network in Chicago. Get the latest in treatment information for hepatitis C in mono-infected and co-infected people.

Join or Support Team Project Inform for AIDS Walk 2014!


Join or Support Team Project Inform for AIDS Walk 2014 and help us create a generation free of HIV! As the lead beneficiary, your support of Project Inform benefits not only our lifesaving education and advocacy work, but the work of many other vital AIDS Service…Read More

Mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C is the most common transmission route in children


Hepatitis C (HCV) is an important health issue in the United States and abroad. As a blood-borne infection, HCV is most commonly transmitted from sharing injection drug equipment. However, transmission from mother to child (MTC) during pregnancy and/or childbirth — also referred to as vertical transmission…Read More

Breaking News: HCV drug faldaprevir pulled from submission for FDA approval


In a statement released today, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) has decided not to move forward with any approvals or marketing considerations for their protease inhibitor, faldaprevir. This move comes as HCV treatments are rapidly evolving to all-oral treatment with fewer side effects and high SVR (cure) rates….Read More