Support Safe Consumption Services in California – Call Your State Legislators Today!

Assembly Bill (AB) 186, authored by Assemblymember Eggman (D-Stockton) would allow a limited number of California counties to pilot test safe consumption services (SCS). More information about the bill is available here.

SCS are spaces for the safe consumption of pre-obtained drugs with unused syringes and injecting supplies (and in some cases, smoking supplies) in the presence of trained peers or staff who can intervene if overdose or other medical problems arise, as well as provide health education and referrals to other services as needed. SCS have been found to reduce HIV and hepatitis C transmission, prevent overdose death, and increase uptake to medical and social services, including drug treatment. SCS also result in less public injecting and fewer discarded syringes and other drug-related litter in the community.

AB 186 will be voted on sometimes soon so please call your state legislators today! If AB 186 passes the Senate it will go back to the Assembly for concurrence. It is important to call both your state Senator and your state Assemblymember to let them know you support AB 186 and allowing localities to approve safe consumption services to address fatal overdose, HIV, hepatitis C, public health, and public safety.

To find your state legislators, click here.

Also, be sure to add your organization to the list of groups that say YES to SCS!

To learn more about SCS, please see Project Inform’s report, Safer Consumption Spaces in the United States: Uniting for a National Movement.