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You can create HOPE that greater progress will be achieved against HIV/AIDS. By becoming a member of our annual giving society, Partners In Hope, you can support all of Project Inform’s programs to address these great challenges in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Project Inform supports research and development of improved medications and a cure for HIV; conducts national outreach to HIV-positive people, particularly women and people of color, to provide life-saving HIV treatment education; fights for strengthened HIV testing policy and programs; advocates for access to quality health care programs for low-income people with HIV/AIDS; presses for innovative approaches to HIV prevention; and organizes for a heightened government response to hepatitis C.

The Martin Delaney HIV Treatment Education Fund

Project Inform was founded in 1985 by Martin Delaney, who helped to maintain our leadership in response to the epidemic until his death in 2009. When the final history of AIDS is written, Martin will be one of the key figures who brought this great human tragedy to an end. The fact that the world now benefits from a strong and accessible arsenal of medications to treat HIV infection, and from thorough information about how to use them effectively, is largely attributable to this great man.

The Martin Delaney HIV Treatment Education Fund was established to memorialize the humanitarian contributions of Project Inform’s Founder. Donors to Partners in Hope can choose to honor Martin by specifically funding core programs he established.

The Delaney Fund specifically supports Project Inform’s National HIV Treatment Hotline — the only telephone Hotline of its kind to dispense HIV treatment and health care information. The Fund also supports the agency’s website, Town Meetings held throughout the United States, and publication of our journal PI Perspective — all of which provide the most current information available about the ongoing search for increasingly effective treatments and a cure for HIV.

For more information about Project Inform, making a contribution to Partners In Hope or The Martin Delaney HIV Treatment Education Fund, please contact Henry Lucero, Deputy Executive Director of Development at 415-558-8669 x211.