Using Surveillance and Other Data to Improve HIV Care Linkage and Retention: A report from a Think Tank convened by Project Inform, held November 6 & 7, 2012, San Francisco, California, March 2013

DHHS Guidelines for the Use of HIV Treatment in HIV-positive Adults and Adolescents, November 2014

When to start HIV meds: Project Inform’s position paper (en español)

Personal tracking charts (PDF only)

FAQs about Health Care Reform and PWHIVs

FAQs about Medi-Cal managed care plans

Hepatitis C and what gay men should know (en español)

PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis):
Talking to your doctor (en español)
Ways to test for HIV (en español)
What is it? (en español)

Your health matters:
Building a patient/doctor relationship (en español)
Coping with drug side effects (en español)
Coping with nausea
Diarrhea and Fulyzaq (en español)
Drug interactions
Drug resistance and resistance tests (en español)
Excess deep gut fat and tesamorelin (en español)
HIV and the mouth
Keeping up with your meds (en español)
Maintaining your general health
Making decisions about treatment
Managing opportunistic infections
Personal tracking charts (en español)
Sex and prevention concerns for positive people
Telling others about your HIV (en español)
Towards a healthy liver (en español)
Two simple blood tests (en español)
Vaccines recommended for adults with HIV

Your life matters:
Family planning and HIV (en español)
Immigration and HIV (en español)
Legal issues and discrimination (en español)
Social groups, dating sites, chat rooms
When you travel abroad (en español)