Project Inform partners with Urban Indian Health Institute to create new Native resource on PrEP

Project Inform is proud to announce a newly launched PrEP resource for Native Americans. In December 2017, the Urban Indian Health Institute (UIHI) in Seattle launched a new pamphlet to educate individuals in Native communities on the availability and effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis.

UIHI stated, “American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/AN) are disproportionately affected by HIV. The CDC reported that HIV diagnoses increased in AI/AN from 2010-2014, while diagnoses most other race groups decreased. Despite this disparity, AI/AN communities are often left out of conversations on HIV prevention, which has directly resulted in a lack of patient education materials that are culturally appropriate for AI/AN people.”

The new material resulted from a collaboration between Project Inform and UIHI, who used existing material from Project Inform’s portfolio of PrEP materials and thoughtfully adapted it by and for Native individuals. (Read UIHI’s media announcement here.)

“With very few materials on PrEP targeting Native communities, Project Inform was eager to help with developing this resource,” stated Alan McCord, Director of Education for Project Inform. “We’re humbled to have been invited to contribute to such a needed resource.”

The UIHI is one of 12 tribal epidemiology centers funded by the Indian Health Service and is one of 33 independent health agencies within the national Urban Indian Health Program system.

To view and download the new pamphlet, click here.