, Project Inform launch Spanish edition of “Helping People Access PrEP” manual

FEBRUARY 7, 2018. SAN FRANCISCO: and Project Inform are pleased to announce the Spanish edition of their PrEP navigation manual, “Helping People Access Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis,” to assist PrEP navigation staff in California.

This publication provides the entire manual in Spanish, with a wide range of information to aid the daily work that frontline staff engage in to support PrEP access and adherence in their local communities, including using specific pages as educational materials in their one-on-one work with clients.

The manual can easily be incorporated into a binder and is free to download at or Although most of the content relates to California-specific issues and programs, navigation staff in other states may find it useful to adapt to their needs.

The launch of the Spanish manual coincides with some new and other revised information in the manual, specifically:

  • A new page was added in Section 3 on the California PrEP Assistance Program, which will continue to be updated as new information becomes available, including an expected rollout in Spring 2018.
  • The Gilead Co-Pay Coupon Program page in Section 2 was updated with a $4,800 limit, as Gilead increased that new cap on January 1, 2018.
  • The “Finding a PrEP Provider” and “Tele-PrEP” pages in Section 3 were updated to reflect the states in which where Nurx and PlushCare have expanded.
  • The initiative Sero PrEP ( — to report cases where someone may have acquired HIV while on PrEP — was added on several pages in Sections 1 & 2.
  • Small wording changes were made on pages “Treatment as Prevention” (Section 1) and “Covering the Costs of PrEP” (Section 3).

When revisions occur, both editions will be updated at the same time. To download your own copy of the manual and to sign up for receiving notices of updates, which are made frequently as the field evolves, please go to

Contact/comments: Alan McCord,, 415-580-7307.