Project Inform launches “I Deserve a Hep C Cure” social media campaign

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Project Inform and its community partners are initiating a campaign to counteract the rationing of hepatitis C treatment that is going on throughout the country. Many private and public payers (e.g., state Medicaid programs) are limiting access to hepatitis C treatment only to people with advanced liver disease and are denying people who actively use drugs access to the medications.

The campaign will highlight the lives of people living with hepatitis C and the fact that everyone living with the virus deserves access to the medications that can cure them of hepatitis C.

We will collect photographs people take of themselves, holding a sign that says, “I Deserve a Hep C Cure Because …” with the phrase completed. Attached is a sign that can be printed out and completed or people can make their own signs with paper and markers.

For example, someone might complete the phrase with, “I Deserve a Hep C Cure Because… My friends and family need me” or “I Deserve a Hep C Cure Because… I take care of my aging mother” or “I Deserve a Hep C Cure Because…  I have to be there for my kids” or “I Deserve a Hep C Cure Because… I have a lot more life to live”.

The images will be posted on various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram and used in advocacy efforts to ensure all people living with hepatitis C have access to the treatments that cure.

To participate in the campaign, please sign the attached “Consent and Release Agreement” and send it to Emalie Huriaux via e-mail (, fax (415-558-0696) or via U.S. mail (273 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103).

If you have any questions about the campaign, contact or (415) 580-7301.

E-mail your photographs to