Covered CA Open Enrollment Social Media Day of Action

Today, November 1, 2017, starts open enrollment in Covered California health plans. The state will keep enrollment open through January 31, 2018. Despite the added length for California’s enrollment, many people may believe that enrollment ends on December 15 (as it will through the federal exchange) or is not occurring at all.

PRC in San Francisco has embarked on an awareness campaign to make sure that everyone in the community knows about the extended enrollment period in San Francisco and is able to take advantage of it to get covered. Other agencies throughout the state are also informing Californians about the three-month enrollment period.

The first social media day of action is today, November 1, 2017, coinciding with the first day of enrollment. As part of the San Francisco and California campaigns, please use the hashtags #EnrollSF and #EnrollCA in your social media posts to start the conversation about open enrollment on social media.

PRC has also published a blog post on open enrollment. Feel free to share this as well.

Below, you will find some example tweets. Feel free to use these tweets liberally or alter them according to your social media needs. Or create your own!

Covered California also provides a great toolkit for social media with images and content that you can use. To access it, follow this link and click on “Social Media Tool Kit” in the top left box titled “Tool Kits for Enrollers.” You will be asked to download a zip file. Open the file and click on the “Toolkit” folder.

Sample Tweets:

  • Enrollment is open through January 31, 2018. Enrolling in care means staying healthy for 2018. Spread the word! #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • @CoveredCA lets you see if your doctor is in network. Don’t forget to check while enrolling! #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • What do you want to know about #openenrollment? Use hashtag #HIVenrollquestion and we will do our best to answer! #EnrollSF
  • Enrolling in coverage might seem daunting. Use these infographics to help get you started! #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • Enrollment workers across SF and CA are looking to help you get enrolled in a plan! Don’t miss out! #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • Your health is important to us! SF and CA residents who are HIV+ can get help enrolling in coverage. #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • Your health is important to us! SF and CA residents with HCV can get help enrolling in coverage. #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • Your health is important to us! SF and CA residents seeking PrEP can get help enrolling in coverage. #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • @CoveredCA plans provide prescription coverage, mental health care & emergency services. Enroll now! #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • Don’t think you can afford health insurance? There are many programs to help, including #MediCal, #Medicare, #ADAP and #OAHIPP. #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • A lot has changed for healthcare this year. One thing that has not is the importance of enrolling in a health plan! #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • Enroll in coverage before Jan 31 to ensure that #HIV, #HepC, PrEP meds, medical visits & other costs are covered. #EnrollSF #EnrollCA
  • #EnrollSF #EnrollCA and enjoy the many perks of healthcare—like seeing the doctor you prefer to see! #GTZSF