Please fill out the form below if you would like to order a free copy of Project Inform’s medical provider toolkit, Screening for Hepatitis C in People Living with HIV, please fill out the form below. Our inventory is somewhat limited. Please consider this when ordering so we may distribute copies to as many agencies as possible. If you need a larger number of toolkits (more than 10), please state your reason in the comments box below.

Prior to ordering, feel free to click on the PDFs below to read the content. All astericks (*) in the form are required. If you would like to talk to a staff person about this Toolkit, please email Andrew Reynolds, Hepatitis C Education Manager.

HCV Screening Toolkit Cover Letter HCV Screening Toolkit Provider Testing Guide HCV Screening Toolkit Provider Counseling Guide HCV Screening Toolkit Patient Testing HCV Screening Toolkit Patient Sex Transmission HCV Screening Toolkit Patient Resources