This is not a drill: Save the ACA and stop the tax reform proposal

This is not a drill.

The Affordable Care Act is under attack again. We need you to take action now to ensure that the tax reform bill does not strip Americans of their access to health care.

GOP leaders in the House and Senate are pushing through a dangerous tax reform proposal that would sabotage the Affordable Care Act, increasing premiums and stripping health insurance from millions. This proposal would increase taxes for the sick and many middle-income families, and force significant cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, all to pay for tax cuts for corporations and the top 1%. These measures would be devastating to people living with HIV and hepatitis C as well as other chronic conditions.

We must continue to fight for our health and not let the Republicans endanger people’s care and their lives. Contact your House Representative today and tell them to stand up against another attempt to repeal ACA.

Make Your Voice Heard; Protect Healthcare!

Call your Congresspeople at 202-224-3121!
Sample message:
“Hello Congress member. As your constituent, I urge you to publicly oppose any tax reform proposal that strips health care coverage from millions of Americans and repeals the ACA with no replacement plan. This bill puts lives at risk. It’s irresponsible and it’s reckless. Please tell Congress Member [NAME] that I urge them to oppose the tax reform proposal and ANY further attempts to dismantle health care and cut Medicare and Medi-Cal. Thank you for your time.”

Dana Van Gorder
Executive Director, Project Inform
Joe Hollendoner, MSW
Chief Executive Officer, San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Issue Background:

This is not a drill. The Affordable Care Act is under attack again in the guise of a tax reform package that provides tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

Yesterday the Senate Republicans announced their plan to finance more than $300 billion worth of tax breaks for corporations and the 1% by taking away health insurance from and raising premiums for low and middle-income Americans, including thousands of people living with HIV and hepatitis C.

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), ending the requirement for individuals to have health coverage would result in 13 million people losing health insurance. The proposal would increase premiums by hundreds of dollars per year for about 7 million mostly middle-income, unsubsidized individuals, and by more than $1,000 for many older people. Without the requirement to have health coverage, many healthy people would leave the marketplace, eventually destabilizing and even destroying the individual insurance market.

Adding repeal of the individual mandate to their tax plan at the last minute is just the latest attempt to push through a repeal that has no replacement and will strip millions of Americans of much needed coverage. Congressional Republicans know how unpopular and damaging their proposal is, and they still think they can jam ACA repeal proposals through with no transparency or public input. Tell them they are wrong.

Rather than returning to partisan efforts to repeal the ACA, Congress should take up and pass the bipartisan Alexander-Murray legislation, which would reduce individual market premiums, generate modest savings for the federal government, and not reduce coverage.

House Republicans plan to vote on their plan this Thursday which will advance the process to the Senate.  The time to act is now – consumer groups and provider groups are urging Congress to abandon this dangerous tactic. Your voice is needed in this debate. Your story matters.

Contact your representative today and tell them to stand up for their constituents and oppose this tax legislation.