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A Simple Guide To The GOP Health Care Bills

Here’s how they’d change Obamacare. By Alissa Scheller, Jeffrey Young (originally published on Huffington Post) Senate Republicans released their draft health care bill Thursday, unveiling a proposed rollback of Medicaid expansion and funding while ensuring hefty tax cuts for the wealthy and health care companies. Among…Read More

Senate ACA Repeal Bill Would Yank Health Care from Tens of Millions

Below is a press release the National Health Law Program (NHeLP) issued today regarding the Senate bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut Medicaid funding. In Rush to Pass Legislation, Senate Republicans Have Produced a Heartless Bill to Roll Back Health Care Reforms Washington…Read More

President’s Vicious, Inhumane and Anti-Science Budget Threatens Our Progress Toward Eliminating HIV and Hepatitis C

On May 23, 2017, the President released his fiscal year 2018 budget, proposing dramatic and devastating cuts to non-defense discretionary programs, in addition to massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. This budget sends a clear and vicious message about who and what the Administration values….Read More

Working at the State Level: Project Inform’s California Advocacy for 2017

State-level advocacy efforts are crucial to create lasting change. Often efforts that are started at local and state levels inform national trends and structural changes at the federal level (think about the history of same-sex marriage, health care reform, and syringe exchange in the United States)….Read More

Statement from Covered California’s Peter V. Lee on the House Passage of the American Health Care Act

SACRAMENTO, CA. — Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee released the following statement on the passing of the American Health Care Act by the U.S. House of Representatives: “Today the House of Representatives took a significant step toward making what could be monumental changes to…Read More

Project Inform Statement on the Disastrous and Deadly American Health Care Act

Project Inform denounces the House of Representatives for voting for the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a bill that would set back efforts to end the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics in favor of a hefty tax break for the wealthy. If the bill is signed…Read More

Ask Congress to Oppose the American Health Care Act

Call Today! Ask Congress to Oppose the American Health Care Act On Thursday, Congress will vote on a Republican health care proposal, called the“American Health Care Act” (AHCA), that would gut lifesaving provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid.  While the ACA and Medicaid expansion have been responsible for significant gains against the HIV and hepatitis C…Read More