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Another full-regimen HIV pill enters the market: Triumeq


Convenient options for treating HIV infection got a boost today as the new all-in-one pill called Triumeq was approved by the FDA. Triumeq is a full HIV regimen made up of the three drugs dolutegravir (Tivicay), abacavir (Ziagen) and lamivudine (Epivir). Dolutegravir is an integrase inhibitor…Read More

Project Inform meets with Douglas Brooks, Director of National AIDS Policy


Upon entering office, President Obama committed to restoring a vigorous Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) within the White House to oversee and coordinate the response of the federal government to the epidemic.   He also committed to developing the nation’s first comprehensive strategy for further controlling…Read More

AIDS2014: An integrase inhibitor such as raltegravir may reduce immune activation in early therapy


A new study shows that an initial early treatment using the integrase inhibitor raltegravir (Isentress) leads to less immune activation in people with HIV than initial treatment with other drugs, including those receiving a regimen including efavirenz (Sustiva or Atripla). The new study also indicates, but…Read More

AIDS2014: Woman controls HIV without drugs for 7 years, now tests HIV-negative


A woman diagnosed with AIDS in 1996 has now gone seven years without needing antiretroviral (ARV) therapy, and also now tests HIV-negative, according to a poster presented at the 20th International AIDS Conference. The 51-year-old Argentine woman first presented for care in 1996 with AIDS wasting…Read More

AIDS2014: Precancerous anal cells more common in gay/bi men with HIV, but tend to clear


HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) are more likely to develop high-grade precancerous anal lesions than HIV-negative MSM, but those lesions tend to clear spontaneously. These data were reported at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne Australia. Though modern antiretroviral therapy has profoundly…Read More

Mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C is the most common transmission route in children


Hepatitis C (HCV) is an important health issue in the United States and abroad. As a blood-borne infection, HCV is most commonly transmitted from sharing injection drug equipment. However, transmission from mother to child (MTC) during pregnancy and/or childbirth — also referred to as vertical transmission…Read More

WORLD is now an HIV testing site for women!


WORLD is very excited to announce that they are now an HIV testing and counseling center for women in Oakland, CA. They offer incentivized testing to women that includes trauma-informed counseling in a women-centered environment. WORLD knows that women’s HIV risk goes beyond the traditional categories….Read More